Colored Petitions

The following is a list of the school-related petitions by African-Americans during the period of Segregation.  We also to develop an Honor Roll of the petitioners and fully transcribe each petition.

Consolidation and Transportation:

  • Brownsville:  1922   There was a discussion of moving students at Brownsville to the Odd-Fellows Hall in Hamilton.  This resulted in two competing petitions, one on Dec 22, 1922 from parents wanting schooling to continue at Brownsville and one on  Dec 6, 1922 calling for a school at the Odd-Fellows Hall in Hamilton. Brownsville1922 Petitions.
  • Bluemont “colored school” was closed in 1934 due to low enrollment, so patrons asked in a petition of October 3, 1934 to have seven pupils transported to Rock Hill.
  • Conklin:  Likely written around 1935, an undated petition that listed children attending Conklin, and in some cases their distances from school.  The suggestion of 1935 comes from a note on the document listed Ottoman Harris age 15.  Ottoman was born about 1920, though the exact date is uncertain.  PetitionConklin1935.
  • Conklin.  an undated petition asked to retain Conklin resident LeRoy Allen as a school bus driver.  “To whom it may concern – we would like very much to have our former bus driver back on the next school term, in the person of Leroy Allen.  We always feel that our children were safe and in good hands.”
  • County-Wide League:  March 20, 1945 Recommendations  on Consolidation structuring.

Salary:  Increases in Pay and Equality of Pay Issues


  • Bull Run:  An undated petition signed by 28 patrons appealed for an extra room for Bull Run, due to overcrowded conditions.  Bull Run Request for a Room.
  • Bull Run: Jan 24 (unknown year) asked for an extra room.  In this case, the table of signatures also showed how children would be provided by each family and that the  parents would help pay for the new construction.   Bull Run Unknown Year.

Staffing Issues:

  • Carver:  On April 2, 1930, the patrons of the Teachers League of Purcellville Colored School petitioned the Mount Gilead School Board and Superintendent Oscar Emerick, to have a Principal removed.    Purcellville 1930
  • Carver:   Carver Petition complained that Rosalie McWashington was transferred, which the patrons felt was an injustice.
  • Conklin: 1952.  Parents Complained about a teacher’s performance.