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Pane of Glass from ruins of the BlueMont Colored School

Throughout the summer, upgrades were made to pages and a significant amount of digital preservation took place.  In September, 2017, project volunteers also located the Bluemont Colored School in dense forest.

June 12, 2017  Funding Request

April 9, 2017   Preliminary Library Study for segregated Loudoun.

April 5th, 2017.  Participated in Virginia History symposium at Frederick Douglass Elementary School

March 21, 2017:   Edited Bluemont and Brownsville.(C).

March 18/19, 2017.   EWP conducted an expedition to visit old school houses.

March 8, 2017.   The Edwin Washington Project just published photographs on our Facebook page not seen for seventy years. They are of Loudoun County “colored” schools and people associated with them (students and teachers) taken in the Spring of 1940. If you find this Black History archival project interesting, please make a donation. Just send a tax deductible check to the Edwin Washington Project, 26128 Talamore Drive, South Riding, Virginia 20152. We are a 501(c)(3) project. You can also use our donation button on   We also need volunteers, especially those with training in historical research or library/information science. Larry Roeder.

February 28, 2017:  Briefed  the Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition.

February 25, 2017.  Briefed the Purcellville Historical Society

February 19, 2017.  Briefed the Prosperity Baptist Church

February 18, 2017.  Briefed the Lovettsville Historical Society

December, 2016.  The project brought on Maddy Gold, a cartographer, formerly of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who will develop an important on-line tool to allow us to show the evolution of transportation in the school system after the Civil War, as well as the location of all white and “colored” schools.

November 29, 2016.   Larry Roeder represented the project in Purcellville before an evening meeting of the Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition.  Much support was expressed for our efforts.  Larry will also be attending the January 29 meeting.

November 29, 2016.  Larry Roeder and Julie Goforth were interviewed by Stephanie Solis of USA Today in the afternoon on the project.

Friday, October 1, the historic Ashburn Colored School in Ashburn was vandalized.   The Edwin Washington Project is a partner with the Loudoun School for the Gifted on this school and shares historical data.  We also participated in a county-wide rally in support of the school. Larry Roeder spoke on the project, along side of Donna Bohanon, who spoke about the Black History Committee.

September, 2016:   Larry Roeder and other members of the team were interviewed by NBC News, Channel 4 on the project on September 22, 2016.  The Edwin-Washington Project obtained an official space at the Round Hill Center and was recognized by the Annual Report of the Superintendent of Loudoun County Public Schools..  Up to now, we have had to move files from one room an auditorium when we worked.  No longer.  Main efforts this month have been to develop report for Board of Directors, to include a multi-year budget and fund-raising effort.  Many records were scanned and much research was done on petitions, school fairs, civil rights record, management, accumulating teacher files and dental and nurse assistance to students from the 1920’s through to integration.   A study was also completed on a dispute between Purcellville and Lincoln in 1926.

June 19-22, 2016.   Larry Roeder, Principal Investigator for the Edwin Washington Project and Tony Arciero, researcher with the project, attended the 2016 CSAA (Country School Association of America) Annual Conference in Fredricksburg, Texas in order to consult with experts on country schools elsewhere in the United States and to make a presentation on the project.  Mr. Roeder addressed the conference on June 21.

5/16/2016.  Updated Hamilton and Purcellville.

4/19/2016 Updated “colored” and “white” petition files, Sunny Ridge webpage and “School Fair” as well as “sports” folders in the archives.  Updated catalog as well.

4/12/2016  Updated Willard.  See notes on 1915 School Fair.

4/10/2016.   Draft Catalog of Sources.  This is only a draft.

3/11/2016  Updated Hughesville, Powell’s Grove.

3/2/2016;  Updated Leithton and Purcellville.

2/29/2016:  Updated Brownsville, Bull Run, Paeonian Springs

2/14-28/2016.  Updated Bluemont, Conklin, Grant, Greggsville, Hamilton, Hillsboro, Hughesville, Leesburg, Loudoun County Training Center, Lovettsville, Marble Quarry, Middleburg, Mountain Gap, Mount Pleasant, Nokes,  Powell’s Grove, Purcellville, St. Louis,  Sycoline, Watson, Willard, Willisville, Transportation and Equality of Pay.

1/20/2016.   Updated Round Hill.

1/17/2016.  Updated

1/14/2016.  Updated Ashburn, Mountain Gap, Watson and Willisville

  For news on the project, see individual pages or

For past news, see Archives.

Edited by Larry W. Roeder, Jr., MS  703 867 2056. South Riding, Virginia

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