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I’m examining a “Quaker” instructor named Caroline Thomas who worked in Leesburg and Lincoln, then went to Nebraska to teach the Winnebago with Quakers from Loudoun.  In addition, I am examining the record of John Ryan, a former Speaker of the House of Delegates.  I am also reviewing records of the Class of 1892, a group of white and colored instructors who took exams in order to teach in public schools.

Leesburg was updated 3/26/2015.

9/18/2015.  Updated Purcellville, Mountain Gap, Banneker, Grant and Home age.

1/4/2015 with a focus on Carver’s history (1948-1968) and also many other schools in the 1942/43 academic year.

12/2/2014:  Updated the Lincoln School

11/24/2014:  Updated the Tate School, a Quaker and Freedmen’s institution which may have offered higher studies for African Americans as early as 1869.

11/23/2014:   Updated Willisville and Freedmen Pages.

11/16/2014:  Updated:  KAVANAUGH AND ROYHILL (Broad Run)

11/10-11/2014:   Updated all pages.

11/9/2014:   Updated  Ashburn, Bull Run, Guinea, Hamilton, HillsboroHughesville,  Leesburg, Lincoln, Lovettsville, Marble Quarry, Middleburg,  Mountain Gap Mount Pleasant, Nokes, Powell’s Grove ,   PurcellvilleRock Hill, Round HillSaint Louis, SycolineWaterford, Watson, Willisville “Colored Schools.”

10/27/2014:   Updated Rockhill “Colored” School.

10/25/2014:   Updated rosters of instructors who taught between 1917 and 1954 in Loudoun.

10/24/2014:   Updated the files on Brownsville, Ashburn, Bull Run, Mountain Gap, and Willisville “colored”schools.

10/18/2014:    Updated School districts with preliminary research on the Jefferson and Broad Run School Districts.   For later this week, we will also update the list of teachers in Loudoun from integration back to  1917 — making the set, to our knowledge, the most extensive list on-line.   That set of PDFs consist of scans of original records in the Library of Virginia in Richmond, showing white and African-American teachers, the schools they instructed in, types of teaching certificates and other important information.   Be aware that the lists have not been digitized, to labor time constraints, and we have noticed that there are occasional differences in data between the lists in the Library and records in Loudoun.