Bull Run, Aldie

BULL RUN colored school  (See also Aldie Colored)

Data as of 2/6/2018

1)   Instructors: (to be expanded)

  • 1930/31 Academic Year:  Cornelia Smith was elected by the School Board on June 10, 1930.  Source:  Loudoun Times Mirror Staff. (1930, June 12). School Board Holds Its Regular Session. Loudoun Times Mirror, p. 1.

2) Insurance:

  • 1923/26:  Situated in post office area of Aldie, Va, the structure was insured by LCPS system for 1923/26 as a “colored school” in the Mercer District.  Source:   Box 11. (1924-1936). Insurance Record. Purcellville: Edwin Washington Archives, Page 24/25.

3)   Location and History

1890:   Original School House erected.

1898.  Original Aldie Colored School burned down. Question:  Where did children attend school from the burning until 1909?  No documentation.

1909 Current schoolhouse building is at 24015 New Mountain Road, Aldie.



The Bull Run School, now a residence, was erected in 1909 as a replacement for the 1890 building as a typical one-room frame, front-gable schoolhouse.    The land was donated by Albert Hall, grandfather to Betsy Stewart (Robinson), who now lives next door.   The structure  was named Bull after its location on the east slope of Bull Run Mountain.       Sources: History Matters Staff. (2004). Loudoun County African-American Historical Architectural Resources Survey. Leesburg: Balch Library and Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. pp 38/39.  Interview of Betsy Stewart by Larry Roeder 8/19/2017.

1949/50:  Equipment in the School House. 17 single desks, 12 double desks, 5 chairs, 1 teacher desk, 2 stoves, 2 tables, 2 benches, 1 cabinet, 1 safe, a hectograph, 1 first aid kit and 1 globe.  There was also a library, by which is meant a bookcase.  At the start of the year, there were 176 volumes in the library, which increased to 208 by the end of the year.  Compare with 1939/40 when there were 8 single and 176 double desks, 1 chair and a teacher table, a table, cabinet, cupboard, oil stove, coal stove, 2 benches, victrola, maps and a small globe.  The library held 56 volumes at the start of the year, plus a large dictionary. Source:  Box 6.3.2 Teacher Term Reports, Edwin Washington Archives.

1953/54.   $100 worth of paint was applied to the school house.  See Box 9.3 Yr 1953 Paint Orders, Edwin Washington Archives.

1954 The undated petitions below might be from 1954 because the School Board approved a partition on June 14, 1954.    See  Box 2.2 in Edwin Washington Archives.  BullRunPartition.

  • An undated petition signed by 28 patrons to the School board appealed for an extra room for Bull Run, due to overcrowded conditions.  Bull Run Request for a Room.  Location:  Box 2.5A. Colored Petitions, Edwin Washington Archives.
  • Jan 24 (unknown year) Another undated petition also asked for an extra room.  In this case, the table of signatures also showed how children would be provided by each family.  The parents offered to help pay for the new construction.   Bull Run Unknown Year.  Location:  Box 2.5A. Colored Petitions, Edwin Washington Archives.

1958:  School was closed and children transported to Douglass Elementary in Leesburg.

1959:  The 1909 schoolhouse served the community’s education needs for 50 years, closing down in 1959.    Sold at pubic auction Saturday, April 4, 1959 at noon on the steps of the Court  House of Loudoun County.  Deed recorded in Deed Book 7F, Folio 358. Loudoun County Circuit Court Archives.  Source:   Poster for Public Auction, School Box 2, Archives, Loudoun County Circuit Court Archives.  Although History Matters (see above called the school a one room frame schoolhouse, the Poster from 1959 described the structure as a two-room frame school house.”

According to Betsy Stewart (interview by Larry Roeder 8/19/2017) and former instructors, the school went from the first through the 8th grade; however, the attendance records indicate only grades 1-7, until 56 when schooling was limited to 1-5.    Everyone walked to school, other than the instructor, who came by private vehicle.  Most walked home for lunch or brought lunch in  bag.  Tins were not used for lunch.  When Betsy went to school, the area was entirely Black; but today is of mixed race.

See also attendance record (Bull Run Cards) from 1917 to 1958 in Electronic Box 6.6, Edwin Washington Archives.  From 1917 to 1956, grades 1 through 7 were provided.  Only grades 1-5 were provided in 1956-58.  In academic year 1958/59 children were hauled to Douglass Elementary.   BullRunCards.   

4)  Photographs:
BullRun (2)

Photo  By Thos E. Sims, Jr.  Insurance Analysis and Permanent Record – Property of Loudoun County School Board: Garrett Insurance Company (Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company), Leesburg, Virginia.  October, 1940.  Source: Box 11 (InsuranceBook1940InsurancePhotos Edwin Washington Archives, Round Hill, Loudoun, Co., Va.)

BullRun (3)

Following Photos of the structure were taken in August, 2017 by Larry Roeder









Edited by Larry W. Roeder, Jr., MS 

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