Loudoun School Instructors

Loudoun School Instructors

Introduction to Instructor Coverage

When developing the history of a school, it’s important to know who instructed, as well whom they instructed and when.   I’ve divided this into three groups, (a) Those who instructed before the conclusion of the Civil War, (b) Those who instructed between the conclusion of the Civil War and 1892, and (c) Those who instructed between 1892 and 1953, which followed Brown vs Board of Education in December, 1952.

We are developing a set of photographs of teachers who instructed African-Americans during the period of segregation.  Photo Album of African-American Instructors (Version 1/18/2016)Teacher Album

(a)    Before the Civil War.

Forthcoming.  This data is coming mainly from the archives of the Circuit Court of Loudoun County.

(b)   Civil War to 1892.

The reader can learn about teachers by reading biographical information in the evolving list in this section or by going directly to school pages elsewhere on the website.

(c)   1892- 1953.

The plan is to list every instructor who taught African-Americans from 1892 to 1953, with biographies.   This information can be gleaned by going to the individual school pages or to a growing list of biographies in this section.

Edited by Larry W. Roeder, Jr., MS  703 867 2056. South Riding, Virginia (c) 5/22/2015

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