Instructors from 1892 to 1953

1892-1953   Instructors

(a)  Roster of Biographies

Being Developed.

(b)  Raw Data

To help, use these rosters of white and African-American instructors who taught in Loudoun County public schools from 1893 to 1953.  Virtually every instructor that operated between those years is listed.  The rosters also provide minimal biographical and teaching permit information, and list the assigned school.

The PDF’s in this list were derived from information transmitted by  the Loudoun County Public School system to the Superintendent of Instruction in Richmond.  The originals are in the Library of Virginia in Richmond, as are tapes which can be copied.  Keep in mind that data kept in Richmond can conflict with data in Loudoun County.  Also, while African-Americans were not permitted to instruct at white schools, white instructors sometimes taught in “colored” schools.

Lists for 1892 to 1917.

Lists from 1918-1928

Lists from 1928-1934

Lists from 1934-1953

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