Teacher Rosters 1893-1917

Teacher Rosters for 1893 – 1918

When developing the history of a school, it’s important to know who instructed, as well whom they instructed and when.  To help, use these rosters of white and African-American instructors who taught in Loudoun County public schools from 1893 to 1953.  Virtually every instructor that operated between those years is listed.  The rosters also provide minimal biographical and teaching permit information, and list the assigned school.

The PDF’s in this list were derived from information transmitted by  the Loudoun County Public School system to the Superintendent of Instruction in Richmond.  The originals are in the Library of Virginia in Richmond, as are tapes which can be copied.  Keep in mind that data kept in Richmond can conflict with data in Loudoun County.  Also, while African-Americans were not permitted to instruct at white schools, white instructors sometimes taught in “colored” schools.

1917/1918:  1917-1918a(somecolored) 1917-1918i 1917-1918h 1917-1918g 1917-1918e 1917-1918f 1917-1918c 1917-1918d 1917-1918b

1916/1917:  1916-1917j 1916-1917h 1916-1917i 1916-1917g 1916-1917e 1916-1917f 1916-1917d 1916-1917c 1916-1917b 1916-1917aMathew   1916-1917k

1915/19161915-1916j 1915-1916i 1915-1916h 1915-1916f 1915-1916g 1915-1916e 1915-1916d 1915-1916Conklinc 1915-1916a 1915-1916bMathews

1914/19151914-1915J 1914-1915I 1914-1915H 1914-1915G 1914-1915f 1914-1915e 1914-1915d 1914-1915c 1914-1915AMathews 1914-1915b

1913/19141913-1914PresgraveConklin 1913-1914I 1913-1914H 1913-1914G 1913-1914E 1913-1914F 1913-1914D 1913-1914C 1913-1914B 1913-1914A 1913-1914a (2)

1912/19131912-1913A 1912-1913a (2)

1911/19121911-1912N 1911-1912M 1911-1912L 1911-1912K 1911-1912J 1911-1912I 1911-1912H 1911-1912G 1911-1912E 1911-1912F 1911-1912D 1911-1912C 1911-1912B 1911-1912A

1910/1911:   1910-1911K 1910-1911J 1910-1911H 1910-1911I 1910-1911G 1910-1911F 1910-1911E 1910-1911D 1910-1911C 1910-1911B 1910-1911A

1909/1910: 1909F 1909E 1909D 1909C 1909B 1909A 1909-1910K 1909-1910J 1909-1910I 1909-1910H 1909-1910G 1909-1910F 1909-1910E 1909-1910D 1909-1910C 1909-1910B 1909-1910A

1897:  Colored Instructors1897ColoredB 1897ColoredA  White Instructors1897WhiteD 1897WhiteE 1897WhiteC 1897WhiteB 1897WhiteA

1896: Colored Instructors:  1896ColoredB 1896ColoredA   White Instructors: 1896WhiteE 1896WhiteD 1896WhiteB 1896WhiteC 1896WhiteA

1895Colored Instructors:  1895ColoredA .    White Instructors: 1895WhiteE 1895WhiteC 1895WhiteD 1895WhiteB 1895WhiteA

1894:  Colored Instructors:   1894ColoredA 1894ColoredB   White Instructors:  1894WhiteE 1894WhiteD 1894WhiteC 1894WhiteB 1894WhiteA

1893:   White Instructors1893   1893WhiteE 1893WhiteC 1893WhiteD 1893WhiteB 1893Whitea    Colored Instructors:  1893WhiteE 1893WhiteC 1893WhiteD 1893WhiteB 1893Whitea 1893Conklin 1893ColoredA   1893ColoredB


Edited by Larry W. Roeder, Jr., MS  703 867 2056. South Riding, Virginia

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