Greggsville (Griggsville) (Mt. Gilead District)

Data as of 5/19/2016

Research Question:  Was this also the Tate School?  Most records on this school are missing.

Greggsville has been spelled in official records Greggsville and Griggsville.

1)  Instructors

  • 1887/88 and 1888/89.   Miss G.B. Sewall.  She lived in North Fork.  Source:  Catalog 3.3  Annual School Report for 1887-1889/
  • 1924/25.   Lewis W. Watson.  Watson, age 54, came with 21 years of experience and a was a High School graduate.  Source:   Term Reports. LCPS Archives.
  • 1925/26.  Myrtle Preston.  Source:   Term Reports. LCPS Archives.
  • 1926/27.  Mrs. Henrietta Wilson, born Aug 26, 1901.  This was her single year of teaching in the Loudoun system, as far as we can tell.  From Wilmington, Delaware.  Public school education and training at West Virginia State College.  Source:  Teachers Record, LCPS Archives.
  • 1927/28:   Christine Allen, of Clifton Station, was also a central figure in the story of Conklin Village. Allen was a member of one of the core families of Conklin which migrated to Loudoun with Hampton Brewer as freed African-Americans before the Civil War. She became a Secretary at the Prosperity Baptist Church as well as an instructor at the Conklin Colored School. In addition, she studied at Armstrong Technical High School in Washington, DC from about 1927 to 1929, evidently therefore teaching while also studying.  Her LP (local) license was issued in 1927 and she was paid $45 a month to instruct for seven months.

2)   Insurance:

  • 1924/27:  Insured by LCPS as a “colored” school for $350 in the Mt. Gilead District 1924/27.  Source:  Insurance Record. Purcellville: LCPS.   Page 32/33.

Edited by Larry W. Roeder, Jr., MS  703 867 2056. South Riding, Virginia  (c) 2014

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