Schools I to L

Schools I-L                                               9/3/2015

Some schools have very little documentation, so more research will be conducted. The list might also not be 100% correct, but it is the best available as of  this edit date.   Further, some schools may have changed names over time, therefore there is the potential for duplication of schools under more than one name 0ver time.  Because early records can be confusing, we welcome any corrections, which is why the list is on the internet, and are asking the community at large to let the committee know of relatives who might have studied at one of these schools and to share photographs, old notebooks, etc.

The following is a preliminary list of former Loudoun “colored” schools, (I through L) based on LCPS files, work by the Black History Committee, the archives of the Circuit Court of Loudoun and private holdings. Also of great value was the 2004 study,  Loudoun County African-American Historical Architectural Resources Survey. by the History Matters Staff for the Balch Library and Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.  See also  Desegregation in Loudoun County Public Schools, 1954-1970, Prepared for Loudoun County Public Schools by Evelyn D. Causey, Ph.D. and Julia Claypool, History Matters, LLC, April 30, 2010.


Kavanaugh (Royville)

Leesburg Colored schools, including the Training center Building and Douglass High School and Elementary school, as well as Quaker and other early schools.


Lincoln (Grades 1-7), closed 1947 – students to Carver.   Architecture Study.

Little River, Broad Run District.

Lovettsville (Grades 1-7), closed 1949 – students to Waterford

Lucketts  (Possibly Mount Plesant/Scattersville)

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