Kavanaugh (Royville Colored School #3), Broad Run District


Data  as of 11/15/2014  (being updated)


Link to Preliminary History KAVANAUGH AND ROYVILLE, list of instructors, physical description and other information.

History developed by Balch Library

“This collection contains one public school register for the Kavanaugh Colored School #E, located in the Broad Run Magisterial District of Loudoun County, south of Brambleton. The first part of the register covers the years 1886-1891; Harvey Johnson (b. 1858), an African American resident of Loudoun County, was the teacher during these years. The register includes lists of students and their attendance records, as well as end-of-term statistics and lists of subjects taught. The second part of the register covers the years 1898-1899. During that time, the school was called Royville Colored School #3. While it was usual to identify colored schools with a letter, this school was designated by the number 3 for some time. It is unclear whether Royville and Kavanaugh were run in the same building, but they served the same community of African Americans in Loudoun County. The teacher of Royville Colored School was John H. H. Bush (b. 1870), another African American from Loudoun County. ”

Edited by Larry W. Roeder, Jr., MS  703 867 2056. South Riding, Virginia  (c) 11/11/ 2014


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