Mount Pleasant

MOUNT PLEASANT, Colored School, Leesburg District

Data as of 5/17/2016

We don’t have much  information on Mount Pleasant.

  1.  History
  • Built in 1890.  had one room of frame construction.  Source: Report of Survey Committee on Long Range Planning for Loudoun County, Jan, 1940.  Location:  LCPS: Archives folder 2.2 County School Board, 1918-1952.

2)  Instructors:

  • 1923/25.   Mrs. Annie B. Carroll.  Born 1895.  Lived in Woodbridge.
  • 1925/26.   Miss Anna A. Keys.  Born 1905.  Lived in Hagerstown, Md.  Had a public school education.
  • 1926/27.   Mrs. Romaine G. Fletcher
  • 1927/28 1928/29.  Mrs. Theodora A. Ross
  • 1929/30 – 1931/32.   W.A. Walker   Born in 1879, Mr. Walker  had a public school education, plus some work at Morgan College.  He also had instructed for several years at Waterford prior to teaching at Mount Pleasant.  Mr. W.A. Walker was elected by the School Board on June 10, 1930.  Sources:  Term Reports and Teacher Reports, LCPS Archives. Loudoun Times Mirror Staff. (1930, June 12). School Board Holds Its Regular Session. Loudoun Times Mirror, p. 1.
  • 1932/33 – 1933/34 –  Mrs. Effie Robertson Gray.  Born June 28, 1905.  Educated at Peabody High School, Pittsburgh, PA and Cheyney PA Training School, Sept 1923-June, 1925. (note:  Journalist Ed Bradley would later graduate from the same school).  Source:  Term and Teacher Reports, LCPS Archives.
  • 1934/35 – 1936/37 –  Blanche C. Beard (Ambers).  Born Dec 12, 1912 – Died, Mar 17, 1997 – Leesburg, Loudoun.  Had two years of college education by the 1940 Census.  Sources:  Term Reports, LCPS Archives and 1940 U.S. census for Leesburg, Loudoun.

2)  Insurance:

  • 1924/1927:  Included in LCPS insurance records as a “colored” school in the Leesburg District.  It was insured for the years 1924/27.  Source:  LCPS Staff. (1924-1936). Insurance Record. Purcellville: LCPS. (Found in LCPS Records Office, Round Hill.  Black Book with Red Spine and Corners)   Page 6/7

Edited by Larry W. Roeder, Jr., MS  703 867 2056. South Riding, Virginia  (c) 11/11/ 2014

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