Data as of 3/25/2016

Sections:   1)  Insurance;  2)  History and Potential Alternative School; 3) Instructors

1)  Insurance:

  • May 18, 1920:   Received $40 in library supplies.  Source:  District Accounts and Census Returns for 1882-1921, pg 440 (LCPS Archives).
  • 1924/27:  Insured as a “colored” school by LCPS system for 1924/27 in the Leesburg District.  Source: LCPS Staff. (1924-1936). Insurance Record. Purcellville: LCPS. (Found in LCPS Records Office, Round Hill.  Black Book with Red Spine and Corners)   Page 6/7.

2)  History and Potential Alternative School

  • Apparently in 1930 there was talk of constructing another school for “colored children” at Sycoline; but the School Board took no action on the request during their meeting in October. Sources:  Loudoun Times Mirror Staff. (1930, Oct 16).  School Board Votes $600 for Sanitation. Loudoun Times Mirror.   Staff. (1930, Oct 18). Loudoun Reports School Increases. Washington Post, p. 22.

3)  Instructors:

  • 1894/97:  Mr. Callor B. Norris of Sycoline instructed at Sycoline on a Third Grade Certificate.   Judging by 1900 Census, Norris as born in Virginia in August, 1857, perhaps in servitude, and in 1900 was working and living in New Port, Rhode Island.   Source: Lists of Teachers, 1892-1975 (  1895ColoredA Census of Colored Teachers 1894/95 – Done Dec 10, 1894). Also (1896ColoredCombined  Census of Colored Teachers 1895/96 – Done Dec 15, 1895), also (1897ColoredCombined  Census of Colored Teachers 1896-97 – Done Dec 15, 1896), Richmond, Virginia, USA: Virginia Department of Public Instruction/Education.
  • 1924/25 – 1925/26.    Fannie F. Parkey
  • 1926/27.  Augusta A. Arnold
  • 1927/28.  Edna Moton
  • 1928/29.  Josephine Wheeler,  graduated from Dunbar.
  • 1929/20.  Miss Helen Daly


Edited by Larry W. Roeder, Jr., MS  South Riding, Virginia  (c) 11/13/ 2014

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