WATSON, Broad Run District


Data as of 2/28/2016

(1)   Instructors:

  • 1924/25-1933/34Chas H. Willis was appointed the “colored teacher” by the School Board.  Source:  Loudoun Times Mirror Staff. (1930, July 10). School Board Holds Its Regular Session. Loudoun Times Mirror.    Bio on Charles H. Willis:  Chas H. Willis was also the public school teacher at Conklin for the 1935/36 Academic Year. He was born in 1887 and lived on the Carolina Road (today’s Route 15), once known as Rogue’s road due to its many robberies (Williams, 1938). His address in 1935/36 was Aldie and he was then certified for elementary school which had been issued in 1931 and due to expire in 1937. In 1935 when he taught at Conklin, he had 15 years of experience as an instructor. Willis was educated at the Manassas Industrial School and VA State College for Negroes. Willis was then paid $35 a month for his services, however in 1930 he was paid $60 a month for services at Watson    Sources for Biography:
    1. Virginia Department of Public Instruction. (1892-1975). Virginia Dept. of Education, Lists of Teachers, 1892-1975. Richmond, Virginia, USA: Virginia Department of Public Instruction/Education.
    2. Williams, H. (1938). Legends of Loudoun. Richmond: Garrett and Massie.
    3. Kroitz, D. (2013, 9 11).  (L. Roeder, Interviewer)
  • 1934/35:   Ms. E. Randolph
  • 1935/36:  Ms. M Johnson
  • 1936/37 – 1938/39:  Clarence Coles.  Born March 18, 1897.  Lived in Washington, DC and was educated at Manassas Industrial School, graduating from Petersburg State College in 1926.
  • 1939/40 – 1940/41:  Mrs. Beryl Glympia, born Nov 1, 1919.  Educated at Lawrence High school in 1936 and then a two year program at St. Paul Normal.
  • 1941/42:  E.R. Knox
  • 1942/43:  Ethel R. Field.   See also Theodore Ross.  Source:  Times-Mirror Staff.  School Board, Loudoun Times Mirror, April 16, 1942.  Pages 1 and 2.  “Colored” teachers were listed on page 2.
  • 1943/44:  E.F. Christie
  • 1944/45 – 1947/48:   Beatrice Scipio.  According to The Frederick Post, Frederick Maryland (Feb 3, 1945, Page 2, Col 6), Ms. Scipio took the post upon the resignation of Rosa Carter; but that doesn’t comport with the records we have seen.

(2)   Location

(3) History

Edited by Larry W. Roeder, Jr., MS  703 867 2056. South Riding, Virginia  (c) 2/26/2016



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