Ashburn White School


Ashburn White, as of 1940.

From insurance files in 1940, we learned that the building was constructed  in 1915, and gained an addition in 1937.  Unfortunately, the structured was destroyed by Fire in 1944.

One and two story detached frame building with metal roof on concrete foundation.   Contained eight classrooms, a laboratory, a library and an auditorium.  It was lit by electricity and heated by a low pressure steam heating plant.

The building was also furnished with water and equipped with the usual plumbing fixture necessary to the occupancy. The two story portion of the building was approximately 53’x79′ and the one story building was approximately 44′ x 50′.

In 1940, the structure was in good condition.

In 1944, fire from an overheated furnace destroyed eastern Loudoun’s only high school, before classes began on Valentine’s Day 1944. Residents recalled nearly all the children crying as their buses approached the burning building. Scheel, E. (2003, September 21). High Schools Once Flourished Across Area. Washington, DC: The Washington Post.