Hillsboro (white) Locust Grove Academy


Hillsboro (white) (often called Locust Grove Academy) was a one and two story, detached stone and brick building with metal roof, initially constructed in 1880, then added to in 1917 and 1928. It contained four class room and a library in the stone two story portion, whereas the one story brick addition consisted of the auditorium.  The structure was lit by electricity and heated by a low pressure steam heating plant.  It was furnished with water and equipped with the usual plumbing fixtures necessary to the occupancy.

The stone two story portion was approximately 85’x40.5′, with an open court in the rear, the open space being approximately 24’x28′.  The auditorium was a one story brick construction, attached to the rear and approximately 37.5’x59.5′.  As of 1940, it was in excellent condition and insured for $15,000.