Lovettsville (white)


Lovettsville High School (White)  Photo (above) taken in 1940.

The structure was constructed in 1927, with an addition in 1937.  It wan an ordinary joisted, one story, detached brick building with composition and slate roof, on concrete foundation.  It contained twelve classrooms and two small rooms, as well as an auditorium.  The rear portion of the building contained a basement, in which there were also classrooms, therefore that section was equivalent to a two story building.

The auditorium portion was also equivalent to two stories, as it extended above the roof of the other part of the building, which extension above the roof was of frame construction with a slate roof.  The building was lit by electricity and heated with a low pressure steam heating plant.  It was also furnished with water and equipped with the usual plumbing fixtures necessary to the occupancy.  In 1940, the building was considered modern, in excellent condition as well and was insured for $42,000.


Lovettsville Shop (white), photo taken in 1940.

Built in 1934, this was an ordinary, one story, one room, detached frame building on a stone foundation with metal roof.  The structure was lit with electricity and heated by a stove, the flue to which was of standard construction.  The shop was approximately 41’x21′ and situated approximately ninety feet N of the high school building.  In 1940, the shop was considered to be in good condition and was insured for $700.


Lovettsville Teacherage, photo taken in 1940.

Constructed in 1922, the Teacherage was a two story, frame building on stone foundation with metal roof, of usual dwelling construction and lit with electricity. It contained six rooms and was furnished with water and equipped with the usual plumbing fixtures necessary to the occupancy.  The Teacherage was approximately 25’x31.5′ with a one story addition of 12’x12′.  The porch on the front was approximately 21’x8′.  The building was exposed on the north side by a frame, approved roof dwelling, situated at 30 feet distance.  In 1940, the Teacherage was in excellent condition and insured for $3500.