North Fork

NORTH FORK  (Mount Gilead District)

Data as of 11/10/2014


  • 1893/94:   John F. Roberts of Snickersville instructed at North Fork.  He operated on a 3rd Grade Certificate.  Source: Lists of Teachers, 1892-1975 (  18931894ColoredReel4418Census of Colored Teachers 1893/94 – March 30, 1894), Richmond, Virginia, USA: Virginia Department of Public Instruction/Education.
  • 1920.  Students from Mt Gilead were sent to North Fork.
  • Closed in 1934.  Students moved to Lincoln.

Edwin Washington records indicate that the North Fork, built before 1870 and closed in 1871, was a Log Cabin, to be replaced by a one frame in the 1870’s until 1880s. By 1885 North Fork was a two story, though by 1910, one one floor remained.  Then came a one story frame and stucco on August 26, 1926, which operated until July 29, 1935, when pupils were moved to Lincoln.

Academic records in the Edwin Washington Archives are:  Term Reports (1920/21-1933/34) and Enrollment cards for grades 1-7 1917/18-1933/34.

Connection with Mount Gilead:  A one story frame Mount Gilead public school was built in the early 1870’s for white students on a 3/4 parcel of land along Mount Gilead Road.  It also served as Mount Gilead’s Town Hall, then closed permanently in 1920 and was destroyed by fire before 1930.  After the closure, children walked to North Fork, which also closed in 1934, at which point they went to Lincoln School.  Source: “Schools at Mount Gilead,” pg 144 in Mount Gilead, History and Heritage, by William C. Ray, 2010, Leesburg.


Edited by Larry W. Roeder, Jr., MS  703 867 2056. South Riding, Virginia  (c) 11/11/ 2014


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