Pleasant Valley (white)

Info as of 9/14/2017


Photo above from 1932.  Contained 2 rooms for grades 1-7.

Pleasant Valley

From the 1923 map of Loudoun County by OL Emerick, Superintendent of LCPS. Pleasant Valley was north of Conklin in the Broad Run district (abutting on Braddock Road, today’s South Riding Proprietary).  in 2017, the school location would be on Route 50E toward Washington, DC, just west of the Fairfax County line and east of the Pleasant Valley UMC.

Edwin Washington Project archives indicate there were two school houses, one assembled before October 20, 1891 and then closed in 1918. (See Loudoun Discovered, vol 1, pg 91 by Eugene Scheel).   Slightly overlapping the above account, we have also found records indicating the second school house, pictured above having been constructed in 1917.  It was then closed July 22, 1939 when the students were moved to Arcola.  We have in our files Term reports for 1920/21-1938/39 and enrollment cards for 1917/18-1938/39/