Unison-Bloomfield (white)


Photo taken in 1940.   Built in 1915, the High School was an ordinary joisted, two story and basement frame stucco building, detached with metal roof, on stone foundation.  It contains six rooms and an auditorium or equivalent to eight class rooms.  The school was lit by electricity and heated with a low pressure steam heating plant and furnished with water.  It was also equipped with the usual plumbing fixtures necessary to the occupancy.  In 1940, it was in excellent condition and insured for $10,000.  Unfortunately, the school burned down in 1944.


Undated photo, above provided by Beverly I Tate, Department of Planning Services, LCPS. 2017.


History Lesson: The Unison-Bloomfield School,   Loudoun Now 8/18/17

School Days by Flora Hillman.  Contains Detailed history and

1819.    Advertisement for old Unison Academy (white).  Not related to the public school; but provided because it took place in the same place.Old Adverts