Students and Schools

6.  Students, Academic Records, Attendance, Scholarships and Awards

In 2022, we will produce a database showing which Black students attended which school, as well who instructed, additionally what was studied. This section deals with the student portion of the research, drawing on documents beginning right after the civil war during Reconstruction, then when public schools began in 1870. Some of the public schools originated in Reconstruction or before.

Included are records showing how many children attended a school during its active service, by sex and age in some cases, hours of instruction, distance to talk to school and other data that explore a day in the life of an average student, as well as topics like truancy and meals.

While the documents in this section, especially Registers and Term Reports, focus on the students and their academic experience, some will also offer clues on the physical condition of the schools.  This is especially true in the files related to Douglass schools.  When trying to understand that aspect, researchers are advised to compare the information in these files with those in Section 9 (Maps and Property), Section 11 (Insurance) and 12 (Transportation), as well as 2 (Petitions).

  • 6.1  Registers, Census, Student Lists and Enrollment Records
  • 6.2  Category dropped.  Numbering system will be revised in future,
  • 6.3.2 Virginia Teacher Term Reports
  • 6.3.3 Colored Term Reports.  These cover schools for Blacks.  In addition to term reports, some folders contain other useful information.
  • 6.3.4  Teacher Term Reports and other Academic Records on White Schools
  • 6.4 Commencement, Promotion and Transfer Files
  • 6.5  Birth Certificates
  • 6.6  NDEA General Lists (being reviewed)
  • 6.7  Graduates
  • 6.8  Student Cooperatives
  • 6.9  Scholarships and Awards
  • 6.10 Poverty and Wards of the State
  • 6.11  Truancy and Mandatory Attendance Laws
  • 6.12  Tuition
  • 6.13  Meals and Hot Lunches