White Schools

School Building pages are divided between Colored and White schools, to use the jargon of the segregated era, important to facilitate searching.

Some pages combine races on one page, such as Mountain Gap. There was a Mountain Gap (white), which still stands and a Mountain Gap (Colored), which burned down. They are only a block away from each other.

For the most part, information on schoolhouse pages follows a standard template.

There are exceptions. Some pages are discussions of mysteries requiring more research, and in those cases, the core structure isn't appropriate. A good example is Paeonian Springs Colored. We don't know for certain that the school existed.

Core Fields of Data

Opening and Closing: The dates are provided, and the nature of the closing, e.g. sale or destruction.

Physical and Map Location: A street address is provided, when possible. See also the digital map in order to understand how various locations compare to others. References to deeds are also found here.

Petitions: All known petitions are listed and in many cases, detailed discussions are provided. However, for more detail, see the main petitions page on the website.

Transportation: Petitions and other memoranda on transportation to the schoolhouse are provided at this location, as well as a link to any videos on transportation. For more general information on transportation, see the main transport page on the website.

History: This is a catchall location for a summary of important historical events related to the schoolhouse. Often, links to external histories are also provided.

Instructors: A list of the instructors and bios in some instances. See also main instructor page.

Insurance and Physical Description: Insurance coverage is provided, as well as information on the physical characteristics, e.g. the material used for the roof, walls etc. For more information on insurance, see the main page.

When possible, at least one image is provided at the top of the school page. Some school pages have a section for Additional Photographs, when many are available. See Lincoln Colored.

In some cases, there is so much information on a specific topic that it is inappropriate to include it in its entirety in a section like History. When that happens, a new section is added.

See Willisville for an example, where we created a Library Section where data on what magazines and books were used to supplement student education. The main page on libraries should also be consulted.

Other pages might have a Health and Sanitation Section but should also consult the general research page on health.