Opening and Closing

Built possibly in 1873. Paxson closed during the Fall of 1930 or in Early 1931, despite protests to the School Board and Oscar Emerick. See also Yellow School House

Physical and Map Location

36343 Paxson Road, Loudoun County.


March 17, 1930. patrons want to at least have a half day at the Yellow School house under Ms. Virginia McGeehee.



There was also an effort to teach some of the children at the Yellow School House, at least half a day, though the success of that effort is unclear.

First called Humphrey's according to research by Eugene Scheel but by the 1880's was official Paxon School. Locally known as the Yellow School house because it was painted a bright yellow, which it still has today.

Records for 1917/18 to 1931/32, when it was closed. indicate it offered grades 1-7 and had one teacher. See also: Paper Term Reports for Paxson Elementary, White, Mr. Gilead District, 1924/25 - 1930/31 in Edwin Washington Archives, 6.3.2 Box 4.


The teacher for 1928-1930 was Miss Virginia McGehee, born about 1908.  In 1930 she boarded with Walter Parks and his family and then on 4 June, 1932 married Charles S. Parks of Leesburg.

Lucille Phillips taught mornings and in the afternoon at Airmont.

Insurance and Physical Description