Institute Farm

Opening and Closing

Erected as the Loudoun Cunty Agricultural and Chemical Academy around 1854 on a former portion of US President Monroe's Oak Hill Plantation. Went bankrupt following the Civil War.  Now national HS of the National Beagle Club.

Physical and Map Location

22265 Oatlands Road, Aldie, Va. 20105




The first agricultural school in Virginia and one of the earliest institutions devotred to agromony in the United States.

1863.  In June in the leadu to the battle of Gettsburg, an intense cavalry battle was fought in the vicinity of Snickersville Turkpike.  Wounded Confederal soldiers were treated and convalesced on the ground. 

Went bankrupt in the aftermath of  the Civil War.

1916 purchased by National Beagle Club of Boston.


Insurance and Physical Description

Over 500 acre.  Following acquistion by the National Beagle Club, added log cabins in 1917, known as a Valley Forge surrount, to house the members during annual field trials.