Leesburg Elementary White

Opening and Closing

1954/55 grades 8-11 Consolidated in Loudoun County High School.

Physical and Map Location



Walking was a common method of school transportation even before the creation of Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS).  It’s believed that students who lived within 3 miles of a school could walk from their home to school.  The figure at https://edwinwashingtonproject.org/s/ewp/item/31175 shows the location of the school with a circle representing the area from which students could have walked, back and forth from their home to the school.  Travel by horse was also used and could have extended the travel distance.


Paper Term Reports are in Edwin Washington Archives. Leesburg Elementary White 1945/46 to 1968/69 in EWP Archives 6.3.2  Box 4.

Grades 1-7 have records 1917/18-1955/56,

No records for high school program,1918/19

Building burned 2/2/1925.

1954/55 grades 8-11 Consolidated in Loudoun County High School.


  • 1918/19. Mrs. Ethel E. Cochran of Sterling. Born Feb 6, 1899. High School graduate and attend two summer schools. Taught grade 4 for $55 a month. Had two years of experience. Operated on a first grade permit. Later taught at Red Hill and Daysville.
  • 1920/21: D.P. Hurley. Age 28. 8 years experience.
  • 1920/21: Miss Lenore K. McCutchen. Age 23 1.5 years experience. Denison University, Granville Ohio.
  • 1920/21: Ellen G. Metzger. (Leesburg High School). Age 44. 20 years experience. Attended Cornell University, Va.
  • 1920/21: Lauda Botelea. Age 22. 3 years of experience.
  • 1920/21: Mary Willie Smith Leesburg High. 6 years experience. VA Intermont College.
  • 1920/21: Miss Lillie B. Morris, Age 23. Harrisonburg Normal
  • 1920/21: Miss Alice L. Newlon, Age 25. 4 years of experience Harrisonburg Normal.
  • 1920/21: Irva B. Cloud, Age 34.  9 years of experience. Southern Seminary.
  • 1920/21: Eva A. Jones. Age 23.  3 years of experience.
  • 1920/21: Kate H. McIntosh. Age 50. 21 years experience.
  • 1921/22: Laura Boteten
  • Lena M. Mitchell
  • (More to be added for 1924)
  • 1924/25: Carrie Atkins and Blanch Anderson

Insurance and Physical Description

Brick construction. 8 rooms.  Heated with a furnace.  In 1921/22, toilets and building were in a poor state of repair.  School had a club house in 1922.