Furnace Mountain White

Opening and Closing

1923 - 1937/28.  Children moved to Lucketts

Physical and Map location

12946 James Monroe Hwy, Leesburg, VA, United States, Virginia

Site of the Furnace Mountain Church during the weekdays.




Paper Term Reports are in Edwin Washington Archives. Furnace Mountain White 1924/25 to 1937/38 in 6.3.2 Box 4.

When Virginia, Richard and Victor Jenkins lived on Heater's Island, they boated and walked to Furnace Mountain, according to oral history discovered by Gene Scheel.


  • 1920/22.  Ruth  M. Trittipoe was the first teacher in 1920/21.  At the time, she was 19 and a graduate of Lucketts High School.  She boarded at home.  By 1921/22 she had also attened Harrison Normal.
  • 1922/23.  Blanche B. Hutchinson.  Age 19, she had attended the University of Virginia.
  • 1923/24.  Ruth returned for the 1923/24 academic year.  
  • Lula Neill was the last in May, 1938.

Insurance and Physical Description

In 1923, the school was constructed as 1 room frame building for the cost of $3,000. In the fall of 1922, Jacob Elbert "Eb" Divine built a new pyramid roof German-siding school up the road in the image of Miltown school. The same design was used for the last one-roomer in Loudoun, Sunny Ridge School in 1935. See research by Gene Scheel ion Loudoun Discovered, Vol Two.

Heated with a coal stove. The school lot was not enclosed. Toilets were good condition.