Waterford White

Built in 1924, this was an ordinary joisted, one story, frame building on stone foundation, with metal roof. The school building contained one room and was approximately 60′ x 47′.  It was lit by electricity and heated by stoves, the flues to which were of standard construction.  The school was situated about 14 feet from the Waterford School building.  In 1940, the condition was judged excellent and insured for $5,000.

Built in 1914, the building was an ordinary joisted, two story, frame building with metal roof, on stone foundation.  It contained four class rooms and two small rooms.  It was also lit by electricity and heated by stoves, the flues to which were of standard construction.  In 1940, the building was in good condition.  It was approximately 37.5’x 49′ and located 14 feet south of the Waterford Auditorium.  it was also insured for $7500.

Paper Term Reports for Waterford White, Jefferson District, 1924/25 to 1968/69 are in 6.3.2 Box 3.

From Annual High School Reports found 13.2 Reports High School 1918-1928.  –  Note that school offered both High School and Elementary School classes.

  • Probably 1918/19 and 1919/20:  Alice Janney, Principal.  Document isn’t dated.  “As this school has been cut to a two year course for this year only, we are working on a sixteen unit basis for graduation.”
  • 1920/21:   “We have planned to purchase a lab for physics and general science.”
  • 1922/23:  Summer of 1922:   “Two high school rooms required to be enlarged by high school inspector (Mr. Ellis) were enlarged.  Other improvements were made as well.  16 units of work offered this session (1922/23)
  • 1923/24.   Every graduate has gone away to college or school this winter.  “We have free use of three acres in adjoining field for athletics.”
  • 1928/29.  S.A. Wessells, Principal.
  • 1929/38.   L. Lupton Simpson, Principal
  • 1949/50.  Mildred Orrison,

Notes from 6.3.4  Middleburg and Other White Schools

Student Records from 1920/21 to 1936/36.  Invaluable source of information on curriculum, textbooks used and some genealogical data.

Library Reports

  • 1928/29.  900 volumes.  value $1100. No library assistants. Two periods a day devoted to library collection.
  • 1929/30.  700.  No separate library room, nor separate rom for Principal.
  • 1930/31.  700 volumes.  High School library worth $900.  Separate library room.  Principal did not have separate room.
  • 1931/32.   Separate room with twenty chairs and one table.  800 volumes.  Librarian has received 12 lesson courses in use of library932/33.   Separate library room. 837 volumes.  Librarian has received 12 lesson courses in use of library
  • 1933/34.  Room same size as in 1936/37.
  • 1934/35.  Same size room as in 1936/37.  949 volumes.  Different report said 928.  Open five houses a day.  2 library student assistants.  Magazines and newspapers brought in by students.
  • 1935/36.  Same size room as in 1936/37.  974 volumes. open 5 hours a day. 2 library student assistants.
  • 1936/37.  1174 volumes.  Room was 20x16x12. Library was open five hours a day with two library student assistants.
  • 1937/38.  Separate room for HS.  No elem school library  325 elementary volumes  1049 HS volumes.  Librarian tool 6 week course at Teachers College.  Librarian also served as a teacher.
  • 1949/50.  Room was 14’x16′.   Open 6.5 hours a day.  No high school volumes.  700 elementary volumes.