Round Hill White

Opening and Closing

1890 to 1911:  A stone and wood school was built in 1890 and burned in 1911. According to a photograph in the Round Hill Center, the 1890 structure was the first school in Round Hill. 5 Room with auditorium and basement.

Physical and Map Location




In Jefferson School District

In 1894 Report, shown with 2 rooms on one acre. Each room was 20’x30’.  See EWP Archives: 6.1 Register for Round Hill, (Jefferson District) (white) School #9 1890- 1895. In 1899 shown with 2 rooms. See EWP Archives: 6.1 Register – Round Hill, (white) School #9, 1895-1899.  There was a serious health report in the September-October 1895 register for Round Hill White School, in that of the 25 pupils enrolled, by that month 12 were dead!  No cause listed.  TB was a serious infectious disease at the time, so perhaps that.  Also called consumption.  Instructor at the time was Joshua Fletcher.

From 1911:  The former Round Hill school depicted in our photos from 1940 was erected in 1911, with an extension added in 1929.  This was a one and two story detached, stone building with slate roof.   The structure had eight rooms and an auditorium, the later which consisted of practically the entire one story section.

The building was heated by a low pressure steam heating plant and lit by electricity, furnished with water and equipped with the usual plumbing fixtures necessary to the occupancy.   The two story portion was approximately 54’x60′ and also contained a basement.  The auditorium addition was a one story approximately 47′ x 67.5′.  The addition was attached to the main building by a passage way which was approximately 8′ by 22′.  In 1940, the school house was considered modern and in excellent condition, thus insured for $20,000.

Paper Term Reports for Round Hill White, Jefferson District, 1924/25 to 1968/69 are in 6.3.2 Box 3. Missing 1947/48

From Annual High School Reports found 13.2 Reports High School 1918-1928.

  • 1919/20:   Cost of laboratory is approximate.  Some equipment is used for two subjects.  HL Crowgey, Principal
  • 1920/21:  Laboratory equipment is sufficient for agriculture and home economics.   JP Mathews, Principal.
  • 1923/24:  Miss Slack has just been employed but will hold collegiate certificate.   This was Miss Clara M. Slack, who held an AB from the Univ of Illinois and instructed Math and Latin.  BA Braun, Principal. (check spelling).


  • 1891/92: Alice M. Norris
  • 1893/96:  A. C. Fletcher
  • 1896/98:  Alice M. Norris
  • 1888/99: Kate H. Mcintosh
  • 1900/01 :  W.C. Powell
  • 1900/03:  Fred Parker
  • 1928/34.  JF Harrison, Principal.
  • 1934/41.  Edward Morris, Principal.  Hot lunches provided for the first time in winter month in 1940/42.
  • 1949/40.  Lake Van Sickler. Principal

Insurance and Physical Description

1893/94 Register indicated that the room was 20'x30'.

1896/97:   Only a two room school

In 1911 the Round Hill white school was erected as an 8 room brick structure for $22,000.

Library Notes

HS Reports in 6.3.4  Middleburg and other white schools.   School covered by elementary and high school.

  • 1928/29.  Did not have separate library room, according to annual HS report; but May 1929.  Library room size was listed as 20’x40′ for 1918/29, significantly larger than in 1930/31.  Also always accessible to students. In 1930/31 was only open an hour a day.
  • 1930/31.  Library room was 20’x24′.  Six windows.  12 chairs. 2 tables.  Tables were 3’x6′. Loan desk.  Magazine rack.  Catalog case.  Bulletin board.  No open shelves.  Books were kept in glass cases.  No librarian.  This was handled by a teacher without library training.  Hours of library were 2:30 to 3:30.  School Board didn’t provide fifty centers per high school student for books.  Topics covered by collection.
    • Reference, 76
    • Science and Practical Arts, 152.
    • Standard literature, 337.
    • History Biography, Geography and Travel, 198.
    • Physical and Health education, 14.
    • Guidance, 11.
    • Community also used the books.
  • 1931/32.  788 volumes.  No librarian.  Funds provided by Junior league and other donations.
  • 1932/33.   816 volumes were kept in separate library room.  Donations provided by Junior League.  The librarian was not trained.
  • 1933/34.  separate library room.  18’x24′.  941 volumes.
  • 1934/35.  981 volumes.  Shared with office.  Open four hours with help of 4 student assistants.
  • 1935/36.  981 volumes.  Library room was shared with Principal’s office.  open 4 hours with help of four student librarians.
  • 1936/37.  Size of school was seven acres.  Library room was shared with an office. 1070 volumes. Part time librarian.  Open 4 hours a day and with the help of four students.
  • 1937/38.  Room listed as 18’x24′, with 1141 volumes in collection  Librarian was a student under teacher supervision.
  • 1938/39.  No trained librarian.
  • 1940/41.  Room was shared with office.  No certified librarian.  Separate note.  “We have acquires a full time WPA worker as Librarian.
  • 1949/50.  Separate library room.  18’x25′  Library open 1 hour a day with help of two students.

Upper Branch High School 

  • 1891/92:   21 students received Upper Branch course work, vs only one a the Colored School.
  • 1895/96:  2 student received Upper Branch course work.
  • 1899/00:  11 children received Upper Brach course work.  6 Boys and 5 girls.
  • 1900/01: 10 children received Upper Branch course work, 5 boys and 5 girls.
  • 1901/02:  8 children received Upper Branch course work. 4 boys and 4 girls.
  • 1902/06: 6 children received Upper Branch course work.