Ryan, White

Ryan School Float April 27, 1929

Opening and Closing

Closed 1934/34.  Students moved to Ashburn.

Physical and Map Location


Ryan Va. June 22nd 1925 Mr. OL Emerick Dear Sir I presented this petition to the patrons of the school and all seemed anxious that Miss Cramm should get the school.  I only presented it to those who had children to attend school, they all know her and are anxious she should get the place.  I only had two to refuse to sign the petition.  One has a boy eight years old, the other has one eight, another Eleven.  Both thought her an excellent girl and would make a good teacher but she could not handle these boys and finally acknowledged they would give any teacher trouble. We Respectfully submit this petition and hope you will see fit to act favorable on it. Respectfully /s/ Wm W Myers Text (petition) To Mr. OL Emerick, Divisional Superintendant (sic) Mrs. R.L. Mann Having resigned as teacher of Ryan School We the undersigned patrons of the Ryan School Respectfully ask that you Elect Miss Mary Cramm Teacher.  Names  (signed)

W. M. Croson Mrs. J.R. Moran
M.B. McNealy H.M. Horsman
Mary J. Croson SE Horsman
EG McNealy RL Maddox
Mr W H Thomas  
Mrs. WH Thomas  
C.H. Franklin  
Mrs. C.H. Franklin  
JR Dehart  
Mrs. JR Dehart  
E.E. Myers  

Source: EWP: 2.5.B Yr 1925 Ryan School Elect Mary Cramm Teacher.pdf



See vertical file, Edwin Washington Archives, Douglass HS building, Leesburg.  Folder also includes information on John Ryan, important Virginia politician.

Paper Term Reports for Ryan White, Broad Run District, 1924/25 to 1932/33 are in EWP 6.3.2

Records from the 1920's indicate that the school was in a poor state of repair.


Mrs. R.C. Mann 1920-1923

Ms. Mann mighthave stayed until 24.  A petition was then raised to elect Mss Mary Cramm to the position.

Insurance and Physical Description