Silcott Springs White

Opening and Closing

Stucture built 1873.  Closed 1935.  Students were transferred to Purcellville.

Physical and Map Location

36343 Paxson Road, Purcellville 20132




Paper Term Reports for Silcott Springs White, Mt Gilead District, 1924/25 to 1933/34 are in EWP 6.3.2.


Mr. Kinsey E. Clymer of Lincoln.  Born Sept 3, 1903.  Graduate of high school and Antioch college.  Taught grades 1-7 for $60 a month.  Had one year of experience.  Operated on a local permit.

Insurance and Physical Description

See 1983 and 1958 era photos from US Department of the Interior, Geological Survey in Vertical Files