Red Hill White

Opening and Closing

  • There appears to have been two Red Hill white schools.  The first was built before 1887 and closed 25 March 1898. (LoudounMirror, 31 March, 1898, pg 2. "Closing of Red Hill School."  See also SC-0053, Balch Library Collection)
  • The second was built in 1908, a one room  Frame structure costing $500.
  • Closed 1935/36.  Pupils went to Leesburg.    

Physical and Map Location

The school which existed 1917-1935 was near Church's Stote in Goose Creek.

See discussion of Red Hill Road and Stone school lane in Vertical Files, Edwin Washington Archives, Douglass HS building, Leesburg.

See map in Vertical Files, Edwin Washington Archives, Douglass HS building, Leesburg. create by Eugene Scheel, 2002.


Undated agreeing to send students to Red Hill for the term of 1921/22



Students participated in the 5 Star Program at the 1929 Health Fair.  A photo is in the Vertical Files, Edwin Washington Archives, Douglass HS building, Leesburg.


  • 1887/88:  Mathilda Rawlings
  • 1919/20.  Mrs. Ethel E. Cochran of Sterling.  Born Feb 6, 1899.  High School graduate and attend two summer schools.  Taught grades 1-7 on an Elementary Professional Certificate for $65 a month.
  • September 1921.   Miss Alice Pangle was appointed teacher.  See Vertical Files, Edwin Washington Archives, Douglass HS building, Leesburg.
  • 1924/26.   Mr. HC Daniel was Instructor.  Age 25 in 1924.  Instructed for seven years.  Attended Harrisonburg State Normal.  Had a professional certificate issued July 1921.  Paid $680 in 1924/25 and then $640 in 1925/26.  No hours devoted to high school classes.  American flag was on the inside.
  • 1926/28.   Harriet Rymple Cross was the instructor. Only elementary classes provided.  Attended six teacher meetings. Age 19 in 1926/27.  Died 1974.   I year of experience.  Attended Harrisonburg State Teachers college for 12 weeks.  Provisional 1st grade certificate issued in 1926.  Paid $520.
  • 1928/29.  Ruth L. Waters was instructor.  Had one year of experience in 1928. Professional elementary certificate issues in 1928.  Paid $810 for the term and per month was paid $20 for room and board.
  • 1929/30.   Mary B. Hardesty was an instructor.   Age 20 with one year of experience.  Elementary professional certificate was issued June 10, 1929. Salary $675 a term of 9 months and was paid $20 a month for room and board.
  • 1930/32.  Grace Trettipoe of Leesburg.  Educated at Farmville.  Also instructed the same years at Sycoline.
  • 1932/33.  Maxine Compton was instructor.  Age 20 with one year of experience.  Salary was $675 for term.  No room and board provided.
  • 1933/34.  Mrs. Elsie Groves was instructor.  Age 21 with two years of experience.  Normal professional certificate issues in June, 1932.  Salary was $684 a term.  $18  month for room and board.
  • 1934/35.  Mabel Furr.  54 years old with 16 years of experience

Insurance and Physical Description

Library Information

  • 1924/25  85 volumes in collection
  • 1925/26 80 volumes in collection
  • 1926/27  80 volumes in collection
  • 1927/28  80 volumes in collection
  • 1928/29  90 volumes in collection
  • 1929/30  150 volumes in collection
  • 1930/31.  100 volumes in collection
  • 1931/32   88 volumes in collection,
  • 1933/34.   151 volumes in collection
  • 1934/35.   150 volumes in collection