Little River White

Little River in 2023
Little River in 2023 N side of Braddock.

Opening and Closing

1887 - 1936/37.

Physical and Map Location

Little River White
Little River White

40348 Braddock Rd, Aldie

Little River Teacherage and Little River White School are on opposite sides of Braddock.


  • Probably about 1927: A list of 11 parents and their children's names and ages. Such lists were often produced as a method of arguing to keep a school open or to reopen a school that had been closed due to a low student population.
  • 1933: 19 Patrons request the appointment of Mrs. Mary H. Megeath as the teacher for the 1933/34 session.
  • 1935: 32 Patrons protesting the closing of Little River School and requesting its re-opening for the session beginning Sep 1935.



  • Was in the Broad Run School District.
  • Earliest student cards date back to 1917/18
  • School was closed 1924/25-1927/28.
  • Final closure was in 1936/37 on October 1 when the students were hauled to Aldie.


1920/24.   Mrs. Alice C. Hutchison.  Age 49 in 1920/21.  had 10 years of experience.  Certificate was issues in 1918.  Attended Luray Institute.   Born 30 Jan 1871.  Died  30 Nov 1962.

1933/34.  Petition asked that Mrs. Mary H. Megeath be appointed as teacher.  We don't know if successful.

Insurance and Physical Description

  • Opened in 1887 as a one room frame structure at the cost of $350.  State of repair was fair.
  • US Flag few from front of school.
  • I acred property was encloised with a fence on three sides.
  • 2 Toilets were pit type in good condition,