Bridges School White

Opening and Closing

The Schoolhouse was constructed in 1870 by Benjamin Bridges, Jr. who established a school for local farm children. The school operated from 1870 to 1875

Physical and Map Location

Claude Moore Park, 21544 Old Vestals Gap Rd, Sterling, VA 20164



Walking was a common method of school transportation even before the creation of Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS).  It’s believed that students who lived within 3 miles of a school could walk from their home to school.  The figure at shows the location of the school with a circle representing the area from which students could have walked, back and forth from their home to the school.  Travel by horse was also used and could have extended the travel distance.


The teacher lived on the second floor, and classes were conducted on the first floor.

Bridges Schoolhouse is the oldest existing schoolhouse in eastern Loudoun County. The restoration of the building was completed in 2014.

A slideshow of the renovation project can be seen on YouTube.


Insurance and Physical Description