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Opening and Closing


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An undated petition wanted a bus to transport to Goose Creek and Aldie children from north of Little River Turnpike, from Gilbert's Service Station. Residences were listed as Aldie and Oatlands.


It was not until 1925 that a school bus ran, which came from Oatlands only.  (Source Aldie Heritage Association).

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A history of Aldie Schools, prepared by the Aldie Heritage Association.

1958: A committee created at the request of Superintendent C.M. Bussinger and the School Board made recommendations on how to improve the building stock. It "does not see any good reasons for keeping the old unused frame building on this relatively small site. Presumably, the unused agricultural building be converted into a lunchroom which would represent an improvement over the present kitchen - auditorium arrangement for lunch. The location of the school near the County boundary militates against efficiency and economy in pupil transportation. "Found in newspaper article of 6 March 1958 "The School Building Needs of Loudoun." EWP: 14.2 Yr. 1958 March 6.


Insurance and Physical Description

1914: Original HS was constructed as a frame 5 room structure for $8,000.

Aldie White 1924/25 to 1964 in 6.3.2 EWP Archives. Constructed in 1940 as a 4 room addition to a brick building. The original HS was eight room frame, so perhaps this reference to brick refers to the 1926 Aldie elementary brick structure. Cost was $45,000, which was funded by the Literary Fund. Source: EWP: 3.2 Yr 1919 to 1952 Construction Costs.

Library Statistics

Annual High School Reports EWP: 13.2 Reports High School 1918-1928.  1923/24 “Sufficient books are to be ordered at once to allow High School pupils to read as parallel twenty-six books selected from the list in the State High School Course of Study.”