Airmont White

Opening and Closing

Opening 1909 - Closed Spring 1931. Students sent to Philmont.

Physical and Map Location

Mt. Gilead School District during segregation.

35633 Snickersville Turnpike, Purcellville, VA 20132

Airmont White School (potential conversion to a "colored" school)

  • 2.5B Yr. 1926 (probable) May.   Patrons request that school be kept open.   
  • 2.5B Yr. September 14, 1931.  2.5B Yr 1931 Oppose Conversion of Airmont to Colored.  The school system contemplated allowing Blacks to use the former Airmont white school, which had been closed by the time of the petition.   Hearing of this possibility, a farmer from Round Hill, protested.  We have no information that the contemplated plans were executed, nor to what extent they were actually debated.


  • 2.5B. April 2, 1923.   Patrons protested based on health and comfort concerns that children might be carried by truck or wagon to Bluemont.  Also, do want Airmont closed.
  • 2.5B  May 1926  Patrons felt that most children were too small to be transported top another school.  Protest contains a list of families who attended the school from Silcott Springs, Airmont and Paxson.  Map includes locations of nearby schools/communities.


  • According to a 1923 petition, average attendance was 12 per month from Sept 1922 to March 1923.
  • 1926.   Oct 4.  Officers of local PTA were elected and a box party was held.
  • 1926 Nov 16.  Patron's Day was celebrated and a play was given.
  • 1926 Dec 21 Christmas entertainment.


1913:   Gordon E. Smith

Later, Ida Bocock, Lucille Phillips were at the Yellow School House in the morning and then at Airmont in the afternoon.

Insurance and Physical Description

Additional Photos

Airmont Student Distribution, 1920's