Trappe White

Opened:  Oct 30, 1871.  Source:  See 11.1 Insurance Record (1924-57), pg. 24  See also  EWP 8.5 Term Lengths of White Schools for 1923.  See also Liber 6C’s, Folio 221 in Archives of the Circuit Court of Loudoun County. Scheel has the land being purchased by District 3 of Mercer 30 September 30 1880. See Loudoun Discovered, Vol 4, pg. 232. Closed:  1926/27.  Source:  6.6 Student Enrollment Cards for Trappe. Sold:  Aug 17, 1929.  Building was dismantled.  Sale is recorded in EWP 9.1 Yr 1929 Court House School Auctions.pdf.  sold to Catherine Frasier and Townsend Frasier for $205. Size of lot was 3/4 of an acre. Construction:  1 room Frame. Location:  Mercer District.  See 9.2  Map: Loudoun County, 1923. Teachers: 1920/21:   Miss Ruby Corley of Paeonian Springs.  Born 1900.  Educated at Lovettsville High School.  Instructed grades 1-7.  Paid $70 a month.  Had one year experience and operated on a local permit.