North Fork White

1929 North Fork School Float

Opening and Closing

Movement of the schools: Edwin Washington Project records indicate the following but we are still researching this information. See also North Fork Colored.

School One: Built before 1870 and closed in 1871, was a Log Cabin.  Approximate location is 39.06206, -77.69728.

School Two: Replaced by a one frame in the 1870’s until 1880’s. This structure was deeded to Clarence Grooms in 1928.  Location 19776 Lincoln Rd, Purcellville, VA 20132

School Three: By 1885 North Fork was a two-story, though by 1910, only one floor remained. Now a residence. Location 37912 N Fork Rd, Purcellville, VA 20132, marked by a downed Tree in 2018.

School Four: Then came a one-story frame and stucco on August 26, 1926, which operated until July 29, 1935, when pupils were moved to Lincoln. This was at the same address as school three. This was built at a cost of $3,400.

Physical and Map Location




See also vertical files, Edwin Washington archives, Douglass HS building, Leesburg. Contains copy of the the survey of the North Fork School lot from 1925, a photograph of old school on 37912 North Fork Road.

Academic records in the Edwin Washington Archives are:  Term Reports (1920/21-1933/34) and Enrollment cards for grades 1-7 1917/18-1933/34

Paper Term Reports are in Edwin Washington Archives.  North Fork Elementary White, Mt. Gilead District 1924/25-1933/34  in EWP Archives 6.3.2  Box 4.


  • Mr. H. B. Simpson, 1919/20.  Born 1859.  Educated in public schools.  Had three years experience.  Instructed grades 1-7 on a Local Permit for $60 a month.
  • Miss Martha Cockerill, 1922/23.  Born 1904.  Graduated Lincoln High School.  Records also say graduate “1921 – 1928.”  The last note evidently refers to Harrison State College.
  • Mrs. Margaret Cockerill, 1924/25. Age 33. Seven years experience.  Did not graduate from high school or college but did attend State Teacher’s College,  Winchester Normal and Harrisonburg Normal. Also 1925/32.  By 1930, was shown to have graduated from Normal School.
  • Miss Mary R. Van Sickler, 1924/25. Age 22, three year experience.  Graduate from high school.  Did not graduate from college but did attend College of William and Mary. Certificate granted 1922.
  • Miss Nancy L. Lewis, 1925/26.  Age 23.   2.5 years of experience.  Graduate from high school and Winchester Normal.  Also instructed 1925/26
  • Miss Blanche Hutchison, 1926/27.  Age 23.  Five years experience.  Graduated from high school. Attended University of Virginia.
  • Mrs. Elsie H. Wilson, 1927/28.  Age 22.  Two years of experience.  Graduated from high school.  Attended Harrisonburg State Teachers College.
  • Miss Alice Kerr, 1928/29, Born 1907.  One year of experience. Graduated from college and had a College professional certificate issued in 1928.
  • Miss Helen Nunnally, 1929/30  Age 21. Two years of experience.  Graduated from high school and college.
  • Mrs. Helen M. Simpson, 1932/33.  Age 24. Five years of experience.  Graduated from Normal School.
  • Miss Mabel Love, 1933/34.  Age 21.   No teaching experience.  Three years of college and a graduate of Normal School.

Insurance and Physical Description

See section on opening and closing

Connection with Mt. Gilead

Connection with Mount Gilead: A one story frame Mount Gilead public school was built in the early 1870’s for white students on a 3/4 parcel of land along Mount Gilead Road. It also served as Mount Gilead’s Town Hall, then closed permanently in 1920 and was destroyed by fire before 1930. After the closure, children walked to North Fork, which also closed in 1934, at which point they went to Lincoln School. Source: “Schools at Mount Gilead,” pg 144 in Mount Gilead, History and Heritage, by William C. Ray, 2010, Leesburg.

Photo of old North Fork, by Larry Roeder, May 20, 2018

Additional Photos

North Fork School 1870's