Oakdale White

Oakdale White School

Oldest brick school house in Loudoun. See also Lincoln White Schools. 1815: The Quaker Janney family established Oakdale in Goose Creek (later Lincoln); it was converted in 1866 to a Freedman School with funding for teachers from the Charity Society of Jericho Long Island Friends. The school had been teaching Black students since the 1850s.[i] In 1816 the American Society for Colonizing the Free People of Color of the United States (later the American Colonization Society, or ACS) was established by Charles Fenton Mercer of Loudoun and others to advocate moving former enslaved people from the United States to what became Liberia, Sierra Leone and Haiti. The society met at the Oakdale school. [i] “Earliest Black School in Virginia?,” Nest of Abolitionists (blog), June 22, 2020.