Oak Hill White

Oak Hill School, in 2018, attached to a modern home.

Opening and Closing

Land was purchased by the local school board in 1879.  See Deed Book 6N, Page 269. 

The school was closed in academic year 1934/35, when students were then hauled to Lucketts.

Physical and Map Location

 43569 Evans Pond Road, Leesburg. 


Petition by parents of Oak Hill and Lucketts to change Bus Route.  Source: 2.5.B Yr Unk Oak Hill Request Bus Route Change About 1934. 

Petition by patrons described school as 2.5 Miles to the east of Lucketts. 12.5 Yr.1940.  Transportation Shelters.  One memo contains a detailed table of stops, numbers of students.  Appears to be only white children.  Note for researchers. Oak Hill is included.  Details on number of students  and stops included as well.


Walking was a common method of school transportation even before the creation of Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS).  It’s believed that students who lived within 3 miles of a school could walk from their home to school.  The figure at https://edwinwashingtonproject.org/s/ewp/item/31341 shows the location of the school with a circle representing the area from which students could have walked, back and forth from their home to the school.  Travel by horse was also used and could have extended the travel distance.


See vertical files, Edwin Washington Archives,  Douglass HS building, leesburg.


Paper Term Reports are in Edwin Washington Archives.  Oak Hill Elementary White, Leesburg District 1924/25-1933/34  in EWP 6.3.2  Box 4.

  • 1917/18  Mr. L.E. Fries of Lucketts. 15 Years experience. (Could be Beslie E. Fries)
  • 1918/19  Miss Cora Davis of Lucketts. (Source 4.5 List of teachers contracted, 1899-1929)
  • 1918/19 Miss Susie Heflin of Leesburg,  1 year of experience.  (Source 4.5 List of teachers contracted, 1899-1929)
  • 1919/20 Miss Annie Shipman of Leesburg, 1 year of experience.  Graduate of Lucketts High School, 1919. Attended summer school in Harrisonburg in 1918 and 1919, according to LCPS records; but Madison could not find any record of attendance, only application. Instructed one year at "Lost Corner or Oak Grove school" Also instructed at Lucketts 1920/21 for two session and elsewhere in county.  Born 1899.  Entered high school 1914/15 and graduated 1919.  (see EWP 6.3.4 Lucketts and duplicate box) .  See also: EWP Archives 4.5  White Teacher Cards.
  • 1920/21 and 1921/22 Miss Lucy St. Clair of Lucketts. 1 year of experience.  Graduate of Lucketts High School.  Attended U of Virginia. 1922/23 Miss Ethel Dulaney Titus of Lucketts, 2 years of experience.  Born 1902. Graduate of Luckets in 1921.  Attended Harrisonburg summer 1921, according to LCPS records; but Madison could not find records of attendance, only an application.. (See EWP Archives 6.3.2 Lucketts and duplicate box, as well as See also: EWP Archives 4.5  White Teacher Cards.)
  • 1923/24 Miss Ruth E. Hutchison of Lenah.  1 year of experience.  Graduate of public school.  Attended U of Virginia.
  • 1924/25 Miss Amy Virginia Howell of Purcellville. Age 21.  Did not graduate from high school or normal school; but did attend Normal School Harrisonburg, Va, according to LCPS Records; however, Madison records indicate that while she applied, she did not attend.  Born 16, May 1903 in Loudoun.  Only instructed for the single year.  4.5 White Teacher Cards.  Married.  Roger Eugene Holder 5 Jan 1928 Lucketts.  Died Aug 3, 1987. See also: EWP Archives 4.5  White Teacher Cards..
  • 1925/26 Miss Madge L. Baker of Purcellville. Age 19.  One year of experience.  Gradated from high school and attended Harrisonburg, Virginia Teachers College during Summer 1925, Summer 1926 and Summer, 1927.  Did not graduate  Also instructed in 1926/28.  Born 3 March 1907. Died April 6, 2005.  See also: EWP Archives 4.5  White Teacher Cards.
  • 1928/29 Miss Alice Eugenia Wilt of Lucketts. Age 21.  One year of experience.  Graduated from high school but not college.  Attended Harrisonburg State Teachers College during the summer.  Also instructed 1929/30 - 1930/31.  (See Lucketts 1926/27 in 6.3.2).  1930/31 through to 1933. Became Mrs. Alice Eugenia Wilt Coughlin of Lucketts. Age 22. Graduated from high school; but not college.  Attended Harrisonburg State Teachers College. Also instructed 1931/33.  Born October, 1909.  Died, October, died 13 Oct 1992 Leesburg.  (not listed in 4.4 Superintendent's Record of Teacher Certificates, for 1930/31, which showed Alice Wirt for that academic year; but did show her for other years). Attended Madison Summer, 1927, Summer 1928, Summer 1929 and Summer 1935 but did not graduate. See also EWP Archives 4.5  White Teacher Cards.
  • 1933/34 Miss Margaret Franklin Costello of Leesburg.  Age 42, Instructed for 15 years.  Did one year of college.  Did not graduate from Normal school.   Died, Dec 9, 1966 as a retired public school teacher. Born April 12, 1893.  Father was William H. Franklin.  Died at Manuel Nursing Home, Hillsboro. History Unknown date. 

Insurance and Physical Description