Coleman White

April 24, 1923,  Superintendent Emerick Accepts Resignations

Opening and Closing

1890-1923: In a letter of April 24, 1923, Superintendent Emerick notes that the student population was too small. Makes the cost of education per student too high. However, evidently, the school did in fact remain open until 1935/36 when it was finally closed and children were hauled to Ashburn. See 6.6. Coleman W. Bull Dozers razed the building in the 1960's.

Physical and Map Location

On land of Eugene Edgar Beard.  Eugene was new to Loudoun in 1906, a dairy farmer. See Loudoun Discovered, Vol 1.  pg 102


April 1923 efforts to keep the school open for AY 1923/24.  See EWP 2.5.B Yr. April 1923. Names are provided in the petition.



Broad Run School District.

Paper Term Reports are in Edwin Washington Archives. Coleman Elementary White Broad Run District 1924/25-1934/35 in EWP 6.3.2 Box 4. 


  • 1917/18:  Ruth Coleman of  Burgess Store, Sterling  HS school grasduate and attended Normal School  3 Years experience.
  • 1918/19: Vacant
  • 1919/20:  Eugenia Anderson of Herndon.  Educated at Floris HS and East Radford in 1919. 1 year experience.
  • 1920/22: Edith Watson, of Sterling. 1 year experience.  Attended Harrisonburg. 18 years old. 
  • 1922/23: Miss Ruby B.  Johnson of Arcola.  Age 20. (born 1903)  I year of experience.  Graduated High School and attended Fredericksburg Normal.
  • 1923/24: Miss Isabel W. Creel of Sterling. Age 19. (born 1905).  I year of school.  State Teacher's College Harrisonburg.

Insurance and Physical Description

Built in 1890 as a one room frame school for the cost of $500.

1920/21.  Described as 1 Room frame in poor condition.   Toilets were also open/makeshift and in very poor condition.  The lot was not enclosed.  It did have a flag out front.