Pleasant Valley White

Opening and Closing

  • 1917.   The school was constructed as a two-room frame structure for the cost of $2,000.
  • 1932.  Photo is from 1932.  Instructor is likely  Miss Ruth E. Dillon of Purcellville. She had four years of experience at the time and had been educated at the Univeristy of North Carolina.
  • 1939/40.   The Building was sold on 22 July 1939 for $1500 to Roger Crosen.  Source: EWP 8.1 Loudoun County School Budget for Fiscal Year starting July 1, 1940, Pg 15a.

Physical and Map Location

25224  Poland Rd , Chantilly


1928, April.   Request to keep Mrs. Groseclose as the instructor.  This was Mrs. Carries Groseclose of Herndon, born in 1877.   Graduated from Hyattsville, High School and attended STC Frederiburg and Univerity of Va.

Undated.  Wanted a second teacher to help Mrs. Loury, the current teacher with the 39 pupils.

1939.  See transportation petition.


1939, September 19.  Residents east of Pleasant Valley, known as "Blue Spring Road," which was reecently graveled. With a two mile radius were nearly twenty children of school age, several of whom were sm all and have to walk to the pike and then wait for the school bus.  When the winter sets in, that was seen as practically impossible, as a result the residents wanted the bus to go out to Blue Spring Road.


Paper Term Reports for Pleasant Valley Elementary, White,  Broad Run District, 1924/25 – 1938/39  in Edwin Washington Archives, 6.3.2  Box 4.


  • 1920/21   Mrs Caroll Hutchison
  • 1920/21  Miss Edith C. Smith, Born May 21, 1899.  
  • 1921/22.  Alma Roller
  • 1922/23 Ellen Collier and Zelma Roller
  • 1923/24  Miss Creaola Daniel
  • 1923/24 Zelma Roller
  • 1924/28  Mrs. Groseclose.  She taught grades 5-7 in 1924/25-1925/26, then grades 1-4 until 1927/28.

Insurance and Physical Description