Crossroads White

Crossroads White School

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Undated photo. Backrow students: Luna Grace, Rachel Baker, Sarah Arnold, Raymond Rodrick, Kieffer Russell and Walter Myers. The six boys on the bench are left to right, William Roderick, Lemarl Myers, Jim Arnold, Clark Baker, Wilbur Myers and Robert young. The teacher Millard Myers in the door. (Myers was married to Jennie Rust in 1913)

Opening and Closing

Based on research by Eugene Scheel, built about 1875 or 1880. Closed academic year 1929/30. Torn down in 1938. Stone was used to build addition to home of Miss Jenkins (later Catoctin Stud). See vertical files, Edwin Washington Society, Douglass HS Building, Leesburg.

Physical and Map Location

  • Location NW corner of Featherbed Lane and Loyalty Road between Loyalty and Waterford. The property was never deeded to the Jefferson District School Trustees, according to Eugene Shields.
  • Location may have been near 33542 Newstead Ln, Upperville, Va. 20184.
  • According to July 15, 1924 survey by Oscar Emerick, lot began at a point on east side of Waterford to Taylorstown road in line of J.H. Farley, thence with line of J.H. Farley S 40 W 11 feet to a point in Milltown road, thence S 50 E 94 feet along road to intersection of Milltown road with road from Waterford to Taylorstown, thence along Waterford to Taylorstown Road due north 146 feet to point of beginning, containing one eight of an acre, more or less.




See vertical files in Edwin Washington Research Center.

  • 1835: According to Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission Survey Form of 4 Jan, 1975, the property was originally a field school, in other words a school built before the pubic school system. In 1835, according to Loudoun County Deed Book, 4-D, page 93, John Robertson, owner of Loyalty Farm (later known as Catoctin Stud), deeded 68 square poles of land off his farm at the junction of Routes 655 and 673 on the NW corner. Deed transferred the land to Sidney Williams and Elijah James as Trustees for a permanent school house. The property was taken over by the county school system eventually and was still a part in 1923.
  • Closed due to snow, Jan 28, 1897
  • Closed as a school 1929/30.
  • Enrollment between 1917/18 and 1929/30 was between 19 and 42.


  • Sept 1892 - May 1895, D. Asbury House
  • Sept 1895 - Apr 1896, Catherine Alexander
  • Sept 1896 - Jan 1898, Harry C. Filler
  • Paper Term Reports Edwin Washington Archives. 6.3.2 Box 4. Cross Roads White 1924/25 to 1928/29 in 6.3.2 Box 4. Instructors: Unknown: Millard Myers 1922/24: Miss Ruby Corley of Paeonian Springs. Born 1900. Educated at Lovettsville High School. Instructed grades 1-7. Paid $70 a month for 1922/23 and $80 a month for second year. Had three years of experience in 1922/23 and operated on a first-grade permit, then on an elementary school permit in 1923/24.
  • Between 1917/18 and 1929/30 had one teacher each term

Insurance and Physical Description

  • 1894. School house is described as "occupied by district," and an "old stone structure" of about 26 square.
  • 1895/96.  School house was described as antique and rented. The grounds around the school were also essentially limited to "enough to play a game of marbles."
  • 1896/97. School was described an antique.

Information from 1896

  • Style of School House, Antique
  • Rented by School District
  • One room
  • Heated by stove
  • Ventilated by Windows
  • Grounds were considered only enough to play a game of marbles.
  • Furniture, stove, desks, one chair and a bucket.

Information from 1897

  • Style of School House: Antique stone building.
  • One room 25' x 20'
  • Heated on behalf by a stove.
  • Ventilates by opening windows.
  • Built on high ground.
  • Comfortable seats and desks.

1940 Insurance: Do not show records.

Additional Photos

1924 Survey of Cross Roads Lot

Higher Branch and HS Training

1893/94: 6 students were offered such training.