Daysville White

Opening and Closing

Opening TBD  closed 1927/28.  Pupils were moved to Ashburn.

Physical and Map Location






1920/21.   Katie Riely.  Age 22.  Took junior year at Statre Normal.  Had instructed for one year.

1921/22.  Maggie Franklin. Age 28.  6 years experience.

1922/23.  Miss M.S. Matthew.   Age 48.  26 years years of experience.  Attended normal school in Charlottesville.

1926/27.  Mrs. Ethel E. Cochran of Sterling.  Born Feb 6, 1899.  High School graduate and attend two summer schools.  Taught grades 1-7 on an Elementary Professional Certificate for $85 a month.  Had taken a break in service after teaching at Red Hill in 1919/20.

Insurance and Physical Descrption

One room, pine wood contruction. Wood stove.  Toilet was dry in fair condition.  Lot was enclosed with wire and rail fence.