Lucketts White

Lucketts White School 1940

Opening and Closing

1912 or 1916, depending on the record. Currently Lucketts Community Center.

Physical and Map Location

42361 Lucketts Road LeesburgVA 20176.




Grades 8 to 11 were taught from 1917 to 1938.  Grades 1 to 7 were taught from 1917 to 1965.

  • Paper Term Reports are in Edwin Washington Archives.  Lucketts White, Leesburg District 1924/25-1968/69  in 6.3.2  Box 4.

See also EWP 13.2 Reports High School 1918-1928.

  • 1920/21:  “Six or seven of older boys are in the cornfield. ”   J Simpson, Principal.
  • 1921/22:  “The cost of building and (  ) as well as the (  ) of books in library may not be covered.  So, the furniture may be worth more now than when purchased.”  J. Simpson, Principal.
  • 1922/23:  “There has been added 50 opera chairs.”  J Simpson, Principal.
  • 1925/26.  5.7% of the student dropped from High School, total of two students. (not signed)

Library Reports found in EWP 6.3.4 White School, Lucketts

  • 1931/32.650 volumes in library.  “Give some members of the faculty time to attend to library.  It is a mistake to assign this work to pupils.”  J. Simpson, Principal.
  • 1932/33.   10% drop out rate.  650 volumes in library.
  • 1933/34.  903 volumes in collection.  Money was raised by entertainments. Request ‘secure an appropriation from the State to pay the librarian. Relieve members of the faculty from the performance of the duties of librarian.
  • 1934/35.  Separate library room sized 30’x25’x11′.  Two tables and ten chairs.  Bookcase in each classroom. 950 volumes in collection.  Additional money raised by entertainments. Request was made to “secure an appropriation from the state to pay a regular librarian.”
  • 1935/36.  1000 volumes in library.  Extra money secure by entertainments under direction of community league.  Librarian had no training.  No library club.


Insurance and Physical Description

Built in 1912 or 1916, depending on the record as a 9 room frame structure at the cost of $25,000, with additions in 1921 and 1928.  This was an ordinary joisted, one and two story, detached frame building with metal roof on concrete foundation.   As a schoolhouse, the building consisted of eight rooms or nine room and an auditorium.  Today, it is the popular Lucketts Community Center.

When a school, it was lit by electricity and heated by a low-pressure heating plant.  It was also furnished with water and equipped with the usual plumbing fixtures necessary to the occupancy.

The two-story portion of the building was approximately 25.5′ x 50′ with two one story additions.  One addition was 25.5′ x 20′ approximately and the other one-story addition was approximately 54′ x 90′.  The later addition was attached to the main structure by a passageway of 10′ x 15′.  In 1940, the structure was considered in good condition and insured for $18,000.