Arcola White

Arcola Construction Photo

Flag was flown from a flag pole.

Term Reports for both schools are in Arcola White 1924/25 to 1969 in EWP 6.3.2  Box 4.

Our impression is that there were two Arcola schools, one which was closed in 1939 and one which was opened. 1939/40.   Building Sold for $560.  Source: EWP 8.1 Loudoun County School Budget for Fiscal Year starting July 1, 1940, Pg 15a.

According to hand notes on photo of second building (above), the picture was taken August 24 just after construction, 1939.   “4 room elementary school at Arcola, Va. Just Completed.  Cost $31,000.  Built with Public Works Administration (PWA) grant of #13,940 and a Literary Loan of $17,050.”

September, 1939.   Former Governor Westmoreland Davis gave dedication address and an American flag as a personal gift.  Source:  Loudoun Times Mirror: Sept 7, 1939, pg. 1.