Arlington White

Opening and Closing


The school closed down in the academic year 1937/38 and the students were transferred to Lovettsville.   

Physical and Map Location

Near Lovettsville and Bollington, according to 6.6 Student Enrollment Card.


1936/37    Petition from the parents asking that the school be kept open, in part because they felt attendance was high enough and in part because a large portion of the population was without means.    "They are unable to cloth their children and furnish lunches in the same manner that town children enjoy...They are not forced out of school because they have been laughed at and have has an inferiority complex that may go through life with them."  See 2.5.B Yr 1936 37 Arlington wants to stay open.



Paper Term Reports are in Edwin Washington Archives.  Arlington White 1924/25 to 1936/37 in 6.3.2  Box 4


  • 1895/96:  J.H. Pierpoint
  • 1896/98: M.M. Crim
  • 1898/99:   O.L.. Shumate
  • 1899/1900:  Harry C. Filler.  1From Lovettesville  Born 12 Jan 1870.  Dislocated hip.  Public school education, equivaslent to two years of high school, plus one session of teacher training at Fredericksburg.   We also have Mr. Filler teaching at Arlington 1918/1928.

Insurance and Physical Description

  • Their flag was inside until 1929, when flown from a flag pole.  In 1932 was flown on the inside of house.
  • In 1885 the school was constructed as a 2 room Stone school for the cost of $1500.  Owned b y school district.
  • Operated on one acre of land.
  • 1898 register showed that water came from a "well in good condition."