Ashburn White

Paper Term Reports are in Edwin Washington Archives.  Ashburn White 1924/25 to 1964 in 6.3.2  Box 4.

Instructors of Ashburn High School

  • Nathaniel Cooper Starke

    1920/21 to 1924/25:  Principal was Nathaniel Cooper Starke of Glocester.  Born Jan 26, 1868, Emporia, Virginia.  Graduated from Virginia Military Institute.  Graduated July 4, 1889.  Matriculated August 3, 1886 from Petersburg, Virginia.  Died from paralysis, December 1, 1938, Montgomery, Alabama.   Buried Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, Virginia.  Source:  VMI Alumni website and Instructed at Loudoun: 1920/21-1922/23 paid $170 a month.  Paid $185 a month 1923/24 and 1924/25.  Operated on a college certificate.

  • From Annual High School Reports found 13.2 Reports High School 1918-1928.

1921/22:  “We have not (xxx) our laboratory but are waiting for our new room and laboratory equipment.  Our class work goes on regularly.  The above estimate in apparatus are largely guesses.”

At a meeting of the School Board on Feb 28, 1940, it was resolved to close the Asburn High School Department and transport children to Leesburg.  Source: EWP 8.1 Loudoun County School Budget for Fiscal Year starting July 1, 1940, Pg 29.