Brooklyn White

Edited 9/18/2023

Opening and Closing

According to some sources, was built in 1860, ten years before the public school system, however, a study in the 1940's by LCPS indicated it was built in 1875. That comports with Deed Book 6-I, Folio 182)

Closed in 1938. Children were moved to Lovettsville.

Physical and Map Location

12254 Axline Road, Lovettsville, VA 20180




According to Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission, on 30 Sep 1875. (Deed Book 6-I, Folio 182), David Axline deeded one acre of his land to the Free School Trustees of Lovettsville District with the right to use water from their other land. It is not know when the school ceased operations, though seen on the Emreick map of 1923. It was abandoned in 1958, then being owned by some people in Washington, DC.

Paper Term Reports are in Edwin Washington Archives. Brooklyn White 1924/25 to 1937 in 6.3.2 Box 4.


  • 1892/94: Unknown Teacher didn't sign book.
  • 1894/95: William A. Hunter
  • 1895/96: Lucretia Henry
  • 1896/97: Helen A. Dulin
  • 1897/98: Jessica V. Frye
  • 1898/99: J.M. Cooper

Insurance and Physical Descriptions

Built in 1875 as a Brick one room school for the costs of $500.

1892 Register described school as one story stone building owned b y school district. 22.5'x28.5'. Operated on half an acre.

Upper Branch High School

1895/96: 1 student was offered upper branch coursework.

1896/98: Six students were offered upper branch coursework. Perhaps in 1897/98 this was Steele's Physiology.

1898/99: Five students were offered upper branch coursework. Might have been Physiology and Brooks' Algebra.