Mountain White

Opening and Closing

Probably 1870's.   Closed 1924/25.   No information on what happened to the student body.  Actual closure data needs research.

Physical and Map Location

Appears to have been in Taylorstown, a community on the banks of Catoctin Creek, about two miles south of the Potomac. Settled in 1734. holds two of the oldest standing houses in Loudoun County, "Hunting Hill" and "Foxton Cottage", directly across the Catoctin Creek from each other. The Taylorstown Historic District, comprising the core of the village, was added to the National Register of Historic Places on January 30, 1978 and expanded in 2005.


29 Sept 1921.  " We, the undersigned patrons of the Mountain School, Loudoun County, hereby petition, to have the above school opened as soon as possible, with the understanding that you place a competent teacher in said school, wherein, we, the undersigned patrons pledge our full support and will do all that we can to keep the average attendance above normal.  We, hereby submit the number of pupils that could be counted on for regular attendance."


The Taylor Town school closed in in the fall of 1932 and the next year the area's first bus transported chiildren to Lovettesville. 


Was in the Mercer School District.

Closed 1921/22.  Closed 1924/25.

After Lovettsville school arose in 1927, enrollment declined and only the lower floor was used. 

After 1932, the building was dismantled and the lumber was used to built a house at Point of Rocks.  Note: Much of the history in this section derives from research by Gene Scheel.  A question arises as to whether the Mountain school in Taylors Town and the Taylortstown School were the same, as we suspect.  More research is needed.


  • TBD.   Fenton Myers.
  • 1917/18: Ruth Ball of Upperville.  
  • 1918/20:  Miss Gladys Fleming of Rectortown.  
  • 1920/21: Miss Elsie L. Kelley Age 19.  Attened Harrisonburg Normal and UB High School. Two years experience.
  • 1922/23: Jane E. Dameson.  Age 22. Had instructed for 4 years prior.   Attened Fredericksburg Normal.
  • 1923/24:  Miss Mary Wharton of Round Hill.  Born 1904.  Graduated from high school and on session at Harrisonburg.  Instructed grades 1-7 for $60 a month on a local permit.  Had one year of experience.

Insurance and Physical Description

1920/21.  Poor state of repair, b ut toilets were good.

1923/24 One room, Frame construction.  In a good state of repair in 1923/24.   Sat on on acre and was not enclosed. Fley an American flag.

In 1915,  a second room was added atop the first, according to research by Eugene Scheel.