This page represents preliminary research as of 2/22/2016.  We anticipate it will be significantly enhanced by the end of the Summer, 2016.

Under the tenure of Oscar Emerick a major effort was done to eliminate one-room school houses by consolidating student populations into larger schools.  The reason was to enable instructors to spend an entire day teaching a single grade rather than trying to instruct all seven grades in a single day.

Researchers May find the following items interesting:

  • Document: January 3, 1940 Essay on consolidation of white schools.   Location:  Box labeled Assorted Old Records from Union Street Building.
  • Folder: 1924 rebuke of Richmond effort to reduce the number of high schools. Location: Box labeled Misc. School Records1925-1955 – Recovered from Union Street.
  • Folder: Info on elementary school consolidation, 1935. Location: Box Labeled Union Street Text Books
  • Document:   March 20, 1945.  By County Wide League with recommendations on the consolidation of “colored” schools, as well as recommendations on staff and equipment.  Consolidation 1945