Hughesville Colored

edited 9/5/2023

Opening and Closing

1882:  LCPS Archives (Deed Folder) shows a deed from November, which is marked in pencil to likely be the Hughesville “negro” school.   Hughesville Deed of 1882.   See CD Rom by Neil Steinberg in vertical files of Edwin Washington Society, in Douglass HS Building, Leesburg.  Vertical files also contain old photos and material from the Virginia Historical Landmarks Commision

1890.   This was the construction date, according to official records.  The 1882 deed could still be correct, just that construction didn’t start right away. 

Physical and Map Location

38747 Hughesville Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175.  Currently studio for Dean Taylor Drewyer. 


  • 1927. On October 24, 1927, the parents and patrons of Hughesville School, having met at the schoolhouse on October 23, asked that the school be reopened, there being twenty or more children who would attend. Hughesville 1927 in Colored Petition Box 2, EWP Archives.
  • 1928. On June 28, 1928, the parents and patrons of Hughesville School asked that their school be reopened, given that twenty or more children of school age wanted to attend. Of special interest to researchers is that the names of ages of many of the children are also provided. Hughesville 1928 Source: Colored Petition Box 2, EWP archives.



In 1938/39, the number designation for Hughesville Colored was #31. Source EWP: 1.7 1939 Socio Econ Study. Social-Economic-Study-of-Negroes-in-Virginia.pdf.

During segregation was in Mt. Gilead School District

  • See also discussion about Mt. Gilead Township school in EWP archives.
  • 1924:  The County School Board voted to operate Hughesville for the 1924/25 Academic Year. Source:  Emerick, Ruth. M. (1924). Minutes of the County School Board Meeting for March 17, 1924. Purcellville.
  • 1926:  The County School Board voted to closed Hughsville because it did not make a legal average.  The same thing happened to Willard and Trappe (white). Source: Emerick, Ruth. M. (1924). Minutes of the County School Board Meeting for  Feb 9, 1926 Purcellville.


1917/18:  Mary Valentine of Leesburg.  One year of experience.

Insurance and Physical Description

1890 1 room frame structure, built for $400.

The building in 1940 was considered detached, frame on stone foundation with a metal roof, just as in 2017.  It contains only one room, though after service, the interior was subdivided.  This was very common, as seen at the Yellow School House and Neersville.  It was heated by a stove with a standard flue.  The size was 19.5′ by 32.5′ and in 1940 was considered to be fair condition, as well as insurable for $500.

Hughesville was a one room frame structure, costing $400.  Source: Report of Survey Committee on Long Range Planning for Loudoun County, Jan, 1940.  Location:  EWP Archives folder 2.2 County School Board, 1918-1952.

1924/27:  Not insured by LCPS in 1924/27 as a “colored” school in Mt. Gilead District. Source: Insurance Record. Purcellville: EWP Box 11  Page 32/33.

1931:  Insured for $500. Insurance Record. Purcellville:  EWP Box 11, pg 54/55

Additional Photographs

1940 Photo By Thos E. Sims, Jr. Source: Insurance Analysis and Permanent Record Property of Loudoun County School Board: Garrett Insurance Company (Fireman's Fund Insurance Company), Leesburg, Virginia. October, 1940. (Blue Insurance Binder, EWP Archives, Box 11)

Hughesville Colored School, in restored form in 2017. Now a studio for an artist., Photo by Larry Roeder


Inside of Hughesville Colored School in 2017. Now a studio. Photo by Larry Roeder

Banner of Hughsville Colored School, courtesy of Shirley Sims, 8/19/2017. Photo by Larry Roeder. Original stored in the Research Center of the Edwin Washington Society, Douglass HS Building, Leesburg.